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Du network 100% working & clear voice

operator code is 3981 Dhaka Talk

For All Platforms

Direct Links for Nokia Mobiles: Direct Links for Nokia Mobiles:

For Non-touch mobile :
For Touch mobile :

S B Xpress Now Off

S B Xpress operator code        : 222222

Special For OMAN & Libya & UAE

Download Link:

All New and Updated download link : (SYMBIAN)

Direct Android (samsung, htc etc) download link: OR Oman only: Or

iPhone dialer download link :


UAE Symbian Download Link:
UAE Android Download Link:



Aqil Telecom Oper Code: 69511


Download Link

Dialer version 2.14: Operator Code is 69511
-------------------- OMAN REAL
Dialer Version Operator code is 69511 For Oman
2.10 Version for All
Download link 2.18
Only For DU Network: Operator code is 69511 (Version 2.05) (Version 2.05)
------------------------------------------ (Version 2.06) (2.08 Version)
Dialer link Operator code is 69511 For Etisalat

Updated Dialer Link Android (3.2.001) :
or from Android Apps Store for best quality

Saiful Telecom Operator code is 13942


Only Operator code is 13942 For Saudi (KSA) (version ) (version )

Pc 2 Phone

Download Link

PC Dialer All Country Operator Code. 69511

Voice Link Dialer Operator code is 13942 & 69511

Download link
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